Handmade Soaps


The soaps produced by Willow Valley Soapworks are 100% natural and hand crafted with the whole family in mind.  I choose to use the product because I enjoy their results.

New this year (for me) was the unscented Pure Pumpkin Soap made with pumpkin pulp, sweet almond, wheat germ, and vitamin E oils. I was very pleased to hear that this product is now going to be part of the Willow Valley Soapworks regular line and will no longer be considered a seasonal product.

Since it was Christmas that I was thinking about when placing my order, I chose the Cranberry Goats Milk Soap. The eleven ingredients that make up the bar are well worth the wait.  This is a seasonal product.  I suggest you purchase more than one so as not to be disappointed when you run out and are not able to re-order until it becomes available again.

I have tried almost all of the ten plus flavors of soap offered by Willow Valley Soapworks and I have to say that my all time favorite is the Heaven Scent Aromatherapy Stress Buster Bar.  It is 100% natural and the ordering Menu describes it as “The Stress Buster! Made with the ultra-moisturizing benefits of glycerin, vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel. De-stress with this heavenly blend of relaxing essential oils.”

For a complete Menu of products, contact either Willow Valley Soapworks through their website or send a message to Wendy.


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