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If only for a few moments each day or every so often when time allows, pampering the body, mind and soul come easy when using products from Willow Valley Soapworks. These are some of my personal choices that I enjoy on a regular basis.

There is no need to have your lips dry when there is the Luscious Lip Balm available.  The ordering Menu tells us that this is a 100% natural product made with a “rich blend of moisturizing oils, natural beeswax, natural sunscreen, pure essential oils and vitamin E oil.”

If you live where the environment is dry, you know the importance of moisturizing. Part of my after bath or shower ritual and one of my favorite products made by Willow Valley Soapworks is their 100% natural moisturizing bar.  It is listed on their Menu as the Body Beautiful Massage Bar.

Personal spa time for me includes a leisurely relax in the tub.  Add to that some favorite music playing in the background, chocolates nearby and a glass of my choice of beverage and I am almost set.  As I gather together my pampering items I am able to enjoy final necessity in the anticipated relaxation process; the aromas of the Sumptuous Soothing Bath Salts that has been added to the water. Three different essential oils, organic sea salts, Epsom salts, cocoa butter and French pink clay all combined with rose and lavender petals will complete the soothing of the body and mind.

Bubble baths are always a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a bit of “me time”. Willow Valley Soapworks offers a Sweet Relief Ultimate Bubble Bath that according to the Menu is an all in one “Relax muscles, detox and indulge in aromatherapy.” The contents include a blend of essential oils combined with Epsom salts and chili pepper.  Yes chili pepper.  A gentle reminder from me on this product is that it may cause some irritation to sensitive skin and I do not recommend it for use in a child’s bath.  Also, you will not use the whole bottle all at once so those with sensitive skin may opt to remove the pepper.  Better yet, Willow Valley Soapworks welcomes custom orders.  You may specify to “hold the chili” and alter or skip the essential oils.

The Skin Stimulating Salt Glow is a 100% natural product that includes five essential oils combined with eight other ingredients.  I use this product about once a month after a shower or relaxing soak in the tub and then finish up with the Body Beautiful Message Bar.

For a complete Menu of products, contact either Willow Valley Soapworks through their website or send a message to Wendy.


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