Friends of the Bar U

The Bar U Ranch National Historic Site, while under the umbrella of Parks Canada, has a behind the scenes group of dedicated men and women who volunteer their time. The group I speak of are known as The Friends of the Bar U Historic Ranch Association.

The role of the Friends of the Bar U is one of stewardship of the Bar U ranch; promoting understanding of the history of ranching, and demonstrating historical ranching practices.”

One of the fundraising events hosted by The Friends of the Bar U is their annual Stockmen’s Dinner.  An evening designated to honoring pioneer families.

It was an honor and pleasure to have had our photography, note cards and book, Moon Rising, included in the auction held at the 2015 Stockmen’s Dinner. The proceeds from the evening are used to help fund the many projects the Friends of the Bar U are involved in at this Canadian Historic Site.

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