Prairie Ocean

Some might say being landlocked deprives us an ocean view with crashing waves and boats bobbing up and down in the swelling sea. They may even think that we are lacking in culture by not having this water experience close at hand.

Sadly, perhaps they have not View from Head Smashed in Buffalo Jumpencountered miles of prairie grass waving in the wind dotted with cattle and horses grazing or wild game moving in herds.

The vision of grain fields, replicating rolling waves of water, ripening canola fields in Albertaas they sway too and fro in their many colourful stages.

Landlocked we might be, but the vistas in our part of the country are definitely one of the most Ripe grain in Albertabeautiful oceans one could encounter.

An ocean, after all, is what is seen through the eyes of the beholder.

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