Shin Tangles and Roses

shin tangle, wild roses, fallen logsShin tangle and roses.  A beautifully scented site to come across; and, one that set the mind to thinking about the delicate life cycle of this flower that starts to bloom in spring, and carries on with it showy production until fall.

Blossoms that vary in colour from barely flushed transparent to the deepest blushing hues. Pink and sweet, the petals soon find themselves floating off on the breeze leaving an ugly skeleton in their absence.

The naked sepals looks like an octopus with five arms waiting to embrace the next stage of life.Thick, meaty, rosy hips full of seeds that bask in the fall sun. Drying, withering, waiting to feed all that get near to partake in their nourishment.

Dislodged, trodden on and carried away. Seeds impregnate the soil in the next life adventure of their own.

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