Hidden Hills Country Inn

We were first introduced to this lovely little Inn, tucked up in the hills near Tonasket, Washington, by pictures and comments from friends who had stayed there while on a motorcycle trip. It had been on our radar for a while and finally the opportunity presented itself for us call and make reservations.

What a treat!

Leaving the secondary highway, the gravel road we took soon had us wondering if this was a wild goose chase. Switch backs and a dirt road that reminded us of a trail in places took us up into the hills as Maude (our GPS) kept prompting us along. A sign at about the half way point indicated we were, in fact, on the right track.

So worth it!

The building, from the outside looks old and rustic. We were told by our hosts they planned and built it that way.

Inside, the decor is a collection of antique and eclectic with a modern niceties thrown in. The rooms are large and the beds comfortable. The little reading/writing corner was a great place to greet the morning.

Once settled into our room and the tour and history lesson out-of-the-way, we made our way to the dining area. When I had made our reservations, I had pre-ordered our dinner for the evening. The best way to describe the meal is WOW!

There was no rush, but lots of fuss. At the suggestion from our host, we had brought our own wine to enjoy with the meal. For this evening, we chose a Yellow Tail – Big Bold Red. A perfect match!

The meal started with a green salad garnished with fresh fruit and a homemade dressing accompanied by warm bread.

I should interject here, and tell you that if you leave the table hungry, it is your own fault. Portions, flavour, selection and taste are exceptional in our opinion. Now back to the meal…

The 12 oz special cut steak that was cooked to perfection was served with fresh broccoli, carrots and mashed potatoes. The vegetables had been prepared with a touch of added flavour and were not over-cooked. The potatoes were served with a cheesy white sauce.

By now, we both were concerned about how we were going to get through the dinner and have the dessert that was included.  The decision was made to enjoy a visit with our hosts, let the wonderful meal settle and have dessert in a little while.  By the way, dessert on this particular night was a choice of either home-made rhubarb pie or rainbow sherbet. Oh, how we wanted to have some pie, but the sherbet won out.

Back in our room, we took advantage of the cooling evening and sat out on the deck. Watching the stars come out as the deer grazed on the hill adjacent to the Inn.  Peaceful and perfect. We slept well.

We had been asked, before retiring for the night, if we liked biscuits. Yes, was the unanimous answer. This gave us a hint as to what to expect for our morning meal.

Help yourself coffee or tea was ready in the dining room at about 7:00 the next morning. The warming sun welcomed us as we sat sipping our coffee and watching the hummingbirds and oriole through the window. It couldn’t have been a better way to start the day.

And, we were soon to find out that breakfast was to be another un-guilty pleasure for both of us. A large bowl of fresh fruit salad with warm biscuits straight from the oven was brought to me along with a side of scrambled eggs topped with cheese.  My man, well, he was in heaven…Warm biscuits with fresh, homemade sausage gravy and scrambled eggs.

After a scrumptious morning meal we packed up and spent more time visiting with our hosts, Don and Martha. Then it was another round of picture-taking on the grounds before be left on the next part of our adventure.

After thoughts:

Wi-fi and cell service are not a guarantee; but the scenery and food along with the ambiance of the rooms, buildings and grounds; thrown together with the story of the Inn and how it came to be, more than made up for the lack of technology available..

Breakfast was included with the price of the room. The evening meal was extra. All USD.

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