Water Ouzel

Ouzel 1Water Ouzel has a nice ring to it. Sounding almost Nymph like that takes the imagination to a place where streams make their way through the trees, bouncing over rocks and resting comfortably in quiet pools.

Ouzel 2The Water Ouzel is the old name for the American Dipper or Cinclus Mexicanus. It is a flighty little bird that includes rushing streams and creeks as part of its habitat.  It can be seen standing on rocks and fallen trees peering into the water; and, as quickly the urge takes it to the air. It will fly low to the water, up and down the creek. Suddenly dropping into the water where it walks on the bottom foraging for food. Then in a rush, it is once again gone on its race to and fro.

Ouzel 4The male and female adult birds look similar. They have dark grey feathers, a short tail, black beak and pink legs with longish talons.  Younger birds have the same colouring traits; however, its bill will be a light colour as will the under part of the bird.

Ouzel 3This youngster has made his home in the Big Hill Springs Provincial Park located between Cochrane an Airdrie Alberta on Hwy 567.