Big Hill Springs

Me and my size sixes decided it was time to get out of house and away from technology
hiking, boot, size 6, leaves, fall
My camera obligingly tagged along for an afternoon of sunshine, fall colours and the creek. All combined, they are known as Me Time!

In twenty-minute I was at a place that I consider to be one of my solace drawing cards. The bonus is that it’s open 365 days of the year.

It was disappointing to discover vehicles lined up along the road before the gate and the parking lot full. Although, I lucked in to a recently vacated spot in the lot, under the skeleton of a leafless poplar tree.

poplar, tree, blue sky, yellow, leaf, fall
Old Wood

This is one of those destinations that you hope you can keep all to yourself; which makes it understandable when others who are feeling the same way have arrived to enjoy the sights and sounds that Mother Nature has provided.

It’s a perfect spot to teach youngsters about nature or find a cubby hole along the creek to sit and write along a not so well used trail.

Taking the trail on the North side of the creek, would eventually guarantee a lack of human travel; and was accomplished by taking one of the less used routes. Lots of opportunity to take pictures, make notes and enjoy the sounds of nature.

The ultimate challenge was getting back to the main trail. The choice was to either cross the creek using my own devices or double back to the fork in the path that taken me this far.

Big Hill Springs, Tofa Rock, Waterfall, Fall, Alberta

Crossing the creek won out, and I was pleased at how water-resistant the Size 6’s are – pants and upper part of the knee socks . . . not so much! The water, for the early days of fall was warm, although this should not surprise me as the creek never freezes and runs about the same temperature all year.

Waterfall, spray, Big Hill Springs, Alberta

After spending a few hours tramping through the fall colours along the creek that is full of water falls, nooks and crannies; sadly, it was time to leave Big Hills Springs Provincial Park and return to reality.