Longview, Alberta

Longview, Alberta, The Cowboy Trail
Longview, Alberta – Looking south.

The Long brothers’, Thomas and Oliver, homesteaded at Big Hill, not far from where the village is now. Their last name combined with the view from the then post office, which was opened in 1908, is how the village was named. When the oilfields at Turner Valley were revived in 1936, Longview became known as Little New York.  [Information taken from The Story Behind Alberta Names by Harry M Sanders]

The name truly says it all. Whether arriving from the north or the south on Highway 22 (a.k.a The Cowboy Trail), you can see for miles up and down the valley. It is a village that offers much for the traveler and is well worth stopping to take a look around.

Some of the shops and restaurants are seasonal and may not be open on specific days or times. You can rest assured in a town the size of Longview there will be someone who can provide the information if you just ask.

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