The Breeding Valley

The solitude of the early morning light lends itself to the quietness. Looking down the valley is a reminder of the accomplishments of yesterday and a visual of what today might bring.

Most of the cows and their calves are now in the lower pasture. The balance of the herd will wander in on their own or eventually be enticed in with a treat of alfalfa.

Movement takes the eyes to the clearing where a moose has jumped the fence. Making its way north through the trees and eventually re-appearing at the edge of the field close to the old buildings. The horses watch with interest, while they graze, as the moose continues its journey through their pasture.

Overnight, it snowed a bit at the south end of the valley. The eight inches that fell a few days ago still lay over the fields. Tufts of brown grass are protruding through the white blanket for the stock to feed on.

A blatant reminder that fall will turn into winter soon enough. For now, the knowledge that in a few days the weather is to turn warm and most of this snow will be gone in the open areas; leaving the pasture with an abundance of food for the cattle, horses and wildlife that co-habit in this beautiful area known as The Breeding Valley.

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