Wow and Then

Wow and Then

When you are driving down the road and you see little shops that pique the interest chip because they look like this, you either pull over right now and go in or make a mental note to do so “when we get this way again”.

Finally after three or four trips past their door, we had some time on our hands, and an urge to just have a look around. Pulling up in front of Wow and Then, we stopped for a “go look”.

Met by friendly staff that offered us a hot beverage to sip on while we nosed around; we spent the next part of the October afternoon enjoying what they had available, inside and outside.
Unique ToyFence & Wooden Chair

A lot of memorabilia, nostalgia, vintage and uniquely creative pieces were displayed in an eye catching manner.

This is a must stop shop if you are looking for that piece to add to a collection, are in need of a one of a kind gift or just like to browse through vintage piecesVintage Toys in hopes of finding that one thing that just has to go home with you. The bonus is they have new pieces arriving all the time and you will often see items being promoted on their face book page.

Wow and Then are located on the main road going north/south through Longview, Alberta. An easy hour and fifteen minute drive south of Calgary on The Cowboy Trail (Highway 22). Their hours (January to April) are Friday – Sunday 12ish to 5ish; and, their hours for the other months (May to December) are Thursday – Sunday 12ish to 5ish. The hours may vary and we recommend you check their Facebook page for updates before making the trip.
Vintage School Books
The pictures that were taken on that beautiful fall day were done so by Steve while I was inside and lost in a pile of old school books.

Some of these pictures, and more, have also been published in the DAKATAMA Facebook page photo album (A Man’s Perspective).

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