The Georgetown Inn, Canmore AB

Our trip to Canmore, Alberta in October of 2011 filled our brains with memories of such an enjoyable few days that we have returned several times since.

Our experience staying at the Georgetown Inn on our inaugural outing prompted us to re-visit this establishment on each of our subsequent trips. We have not to be disappointed as not too much has changed.

The quirky lift (aka elevator) requires that you hold the button in until the lift returns to the main floor. Upon entering, it is once again requires to hold the button in for the designated floor until it reaches its destination. Failure to do so will bring the lift to a grinding halt between floors. It will readily start up again, once the button is held in, and continue on to the intended floor.

The menu in the pub/dining room has changed some over our many visits; however, they have continued to be tasty and filling. The Inn offered a complimentary breakfast vouchers upon registering and our room came with the capability to make tea or coffee as well as store cold drinks in the little bar fridge. Let’s not forget the two big cookies waiting for us as well!

The front desk staff as well as in the dining room and pub have always been friendly, courteous and helpful. We have never stayed in the same room twice and have found each room to be clean, well furnished and complete with a fire place.

Georgetown Inn, Canmore, Alberta

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