The Candy Store

The joy of finding things where you least expect them.

If you have not had the opportunity to travel to Nanton, Alberta, it is a trip that will have to be taken more than once if you want to enjoy all that it has to offer. Among the shops and displays that this little community has, there is the MUST visit candy store that has more to it than meets the eye.

The Candy Store in Nanton, Alberta is located at 2131-20 Street in the historic Hewitt Building (circa 1915). It has a-you-name-it collection of sweets from gob stoppers and salt water taffy to everything in between.

When we ventured through the door, not once did we expect to find antiques and collectables; but there, located off in the back of this confectionery shop is a hidden treasure in its own right. The Not So Fine Antiques is a room that looks like it was perhaps an after-thought. A room filled with vintage items that could keep you there for hours nosing through the hap-hazard displays and looking for that “Oh my!” item.

What a win, win adventure – candy and vintage. We left with both; however, we are only able to share a picture of the vintage. As for the candy that was purchased, well……
vintage, flowered candy dish,

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