Spring Time on the Grounds

The snow has all but gone and the warmth of the sun encourages growth in many different ways. At this time of year the grounds surrounding Chimney Rock Bed and Breakfast are alive with an abundance of interesting new life forms.

It is spring. The grasses are turning green; and, it is time to appreciate the quiet setting with a stroll around the yard. Mindful of what is underfoot during this journey as the blades of grass part to expose delicate growth of brilliant colours. Playing hide and seek in the foliage are a sampling from Mother Nature’s vast bouquet.

Along the fence line and beyond, Swallows, Red Winged Blackbirds and small Pine Siskin are all flitting about, resting on fence posts and chatting at the bird feeders. Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrels scurry about taking advantage of the seeds dropped by the birds at the feeders.

When exploring the grounds that encase the Chimney Rock Bed & Breakfast main buildings be prepared for a new vision to catch your eye each time you venture out.

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