Willow Valley Soapworks

“At the T intersection, stay on our road.  When you see the cabin with the green tin roof and the solar panels on the roof of the greenhouse, you have found us.”

In October of 2012, Wendy Davies of Willow Valley Soapworks was introduced to us as one of the several ladies that make up Dames on the Range.  Although we had not met Wendy personally, conversations transpired through social media and soon resulted in a selection of her soap and body products being ordered (much to the enjoyment of all who received them as Christmas gifts).  From our personal use of her products and our intermittent correspondence, we knew Willow Valley Soapworks was indeed a place we needed to visit.

A year later, with written destination instructions in hand, we travelled west off of the Cowboy Trail on Chapel Rock Road in search of Willow Valley Soapworks.  We were now in the Range and Township Road country in the foothills of the Livingstone Range.  Interestingly enough, metal green roofs were on a lot of the buildings we saw; however, it was the distinctive solar panels on the green house next to the early 1900’s cabin that confirmed we were in the right place.     1900's log cabin, green metal roof, soap making The concept of Wendy’s lifestyle and how she promotes her business is not new.  Solar and wind power play a huge part in her day to day life as well as the production of her soaps and body products.solar panel, green house

The fresh herbs and flowers that are harvested from the raised beds and green house are an integral part of the business.  Wendy’s menu of hand crafted creations offered in her cottage industry number more than twenty. 

Willow Valley Soapworks has a retail area on site; and, products can be purchased at a select group of retail outlets and markets in south western Alberta. You can also contact Wendy directly to place an order.hand made, bath products, soap, onsite store, beauty products

On the day of our visit, our gracious hostess gave us a tour of her operation and welcomed us into her home.  In what seemed like no time at all, we needed to say goodbye to Wendy Davies and her Willow Valley Soapworks.  As we headed north out of the valley, we knew we would return.


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