Event Tabulating

When you have a little over a month to enter 1000+ teams into a fickle spread sheet software program that was built by good intentioned volunteers, the last thing you should be doing is looking for replacement software.  However, as any event/entry secretary and producer know this is sometimes the lifeline that is needed to get the job done.  

The preparation of all of the necessary data and balancing a three quarter of a million dollar show in the six weeks prior to its start should have been enough to do. Throwing in a new piece of software was ludicrous to say the least but with the inconsistency of the program currently being used it was a necessity.  Arena Management Software was to become the chosen lifeline.

With a three year old recommendation in hand and very little back ground checking, we bought the software, loaded it onto our computers played with it for a day or so and then went to work. The KCI group was there for us day and night to help us if we ran into a snag and our team quickly realized that the new software program we had taken a chance on was going to be our ongoing choice for future events.  The show was a success. The producers and contestants were happy. All was good in our world!

A lot of years have evolved since those short six weeks that I fell in love with Arena Management Software.  The software continues to amaze me with its ability to perform. It has the talent to provide minimal data to realms of reports and it is a perfect fit with other KCI software or as a stand-alone product.

Producing An Event 101

Some of the definitions I found in the dictionary for the word “producing” are ~ give rise to; bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability. My eyes were drawn immediately to “bring into existence” as these three words truly speak volumes when producing an event.

The planning process of any event does not happen overnight; yet, having said that, there have been some spectacular results orchestrated on minimal time lines. Organization, attention to the details and a team of people with the same vision are key components to the success of any gathering that brings people together for their chosen occasion.