Airdrie’s East Lake

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Winter Size Six

Me and my size sixes decided it was time to get out of house after all the excitement of opening Christmas presents.

Minus 17 degrees Celsius, clear blue sky and what looked to be little wind. For those that still think old school (like me), that is hovering near zero degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, my camera obligingly tagged along tucked deep within the layers of my comfortable old green barn coat.

Today, my walk took me to East Lake in hopes  of seeing some Chickadees and the odd animal track. I was disappointed to find neither on this afternoon out. The bold signs in the snow told me that more than animals had been taking advantage of the lake’s snow-covered frozen state.

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Cross Country Tracks

A previously cleared skating area was in need of another shovelling before a game of tag or shinny could be enjoyed. It made me smile to think of the fun that would be had on this natural outdoor rink.

ice rink, lake, frozen, natural, East Lake, Airdrie, Alberta
Outdoor Rink

Heading west along the path, and out of the shelter of the trees, the sun danced through the frozen tree limbs. Diamond ice crystals sparkled on the snow and floated on the wind. The hoar-frost not yet moved by the sun.

ice crystals, frozen, grass, snow, East Lake, Airdrie, Alberta
Ice Crystals

The wind had picked up from the Southeast and in the open area along the lake, the beauty of the day definitely took on a different feeling. Dressed in warm layers, the cold wind nipped at my cheeks that refused to stay covered by the hand knitted scarf that had arrived from far away neighbours.

The dropping temperature and thoughts of a hot cup of tea certainly encouraged my walking speed to increase. By the time I reached home, the temperature had dropped to minus 20 Celsius (-4 F) joined by the wind to make it feel like minus 30 (-16 F).

hoar frost, winter, grass, East Lake, Airdrie, Alberta
Frosted Grass

As fresh and invigorating as the weather had become, it did not prevent me from stopping to take pictures. All to become gorgeous reminders of my Christmas Day outing.

show, needles, winter, backlight, Airdrie, Alberta, East Lake
Snowy Needles
fir tree, frozen, hoar frost, back light, East Lake, Airdrie, Alberta
Frozen Branch