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One Foot In Tradition

One foot in tradition (and keeping it there) and one foot in modern technology (and loving it).

To watch the explosive growth of technology in the modern society can be mind-boggling at times for people who were raised when life seemed simpler and not so fast paced.

Some thoughts to ponder as one fast paced day swirls into the next.

typewriter, manual, typing, vintage
Manual Typewriter

Start from the beginning (again) when a mistake is made while typing a letter or document on a typewriter. Multiple copies required the use of carbon paper.

vintage telephone, crank phone,
Wall Phone

Listening to a private telephone conversation on the party line. It took place through a brown box that hung on the wall.

vintage telephone switchboard
Telephone Switchboard

Reaching friends, neighbours and the outside world happened when you turned the crank handle on the side of the box.

vintage wood cook stove
Cook Stove

Last night’s dinner leftovers were heated on the stove or in the oven.

chopped wood
Wood Pile

The summer was spent cutting wood. The result to be used in the wood stoves to cook the meals and heat the house in winter.

home made preserves, strawberry jam

Most of the grocery store was a large garden. Fresh and full of flavour during the growing season. Canned for enjoyment during the winter.

vintage clock, wind-up

The sound of tick, tick, tick was prevalent from the wind up mantel clock.

sad iron, vintage irons
Sad Irons

The sweet smell of laundered bedding that had been hung on the line outside to dry. Every shirt needed to be ironed.

dry goods, 1880, Lakota A J Gronna, W B York
On Account

Businesses were not open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

1889, Garden City Minn, Dec 10, letter, Mrs E A York
Mrs E A York Letter 1889

Documents and letters were sent through the mail taking days and sometimes weeks to reach their destination.

newspaper, sports event, advertising

Businesses advertised in the newspaper. Occasionally, one page flyer that came in the mail, by word of mouth and the radio. Social event announcements garnered a large part of a page of the local paper.

The list could go on and on.

By now, if you have read the list closely, there may be wonderment and thoughts of “Ya, right” floating through the brain waves.

If the truth were known, there are lots of people who not only remember the list, they lived the list.

Do you know someone who has done, or is still doing at least one of these thoughts from the list? We would love to hear the story.

Photography & Prose


I have just completed a challenge that incorporated two of my favourite things to do – writing and photography.

The invitation to participate came from Charli Mills. The rules were simple – Choose five pictures and write something about them.  The choice of prose was left up to me: fiction, one liner, poetry, non-fiction or what ever. Post one on each of five days. If I chose not to participate, that was OK, too.

Reviewing my library of pictures, I came up with several photos for each topic I had chosen. In the end, I was left with a selection of could-a, maybe, should-a photos that were not used.

My need to share goes beyond the writing and the chosen photo for each piece.

I have included a compilation of the links to the five days of writing along with some of the additional pictures that made the short list, but were left for another day.

Snake Fence Memories – The neighbours’ fence started almost at the end of the driveway. It ran for about a mile, or so . . .

Cattail Down – I already knew that the plant, as a whole, is very useful and versatile. In doing some further research . . .

Crystal Jewels – Crystal jewels of hoar-frost shimmer in the brightness . . .

Power’s Out –  Playing cards and board games by the light of the oil lamps . . .

Reflection – Sometimes, quite by accident, we find a place that screams, “This is it!” . . .